Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Who's AMAZING (vinyl) JOUNEY

***Normally, I'd post a picture of the Album, but the thing is too big for my scanner! Marvellous! In short, go to Best Buy and get yer ass a copy of this 'un! Until then. read on...***

I'm possibly the very last person to want to do any promotion for the beast that is Best Buy. They're not the devil that Walmart is, but they're close. Still, I can't help but to throw buckets of praise for their decision to release the "Amazing Journey: The Story Of The Who" compilation on a 2 RECORD SET in addition to the CD version. That's right! RECORDS! Vinyl! Like, for a turntable. I'm listening to it right now and it's astounding. The Albums are pressed on 180g vinyl (with a black "Track Records" label!) and they sound incredible. It's packaged in a lovely gate fold sleeve with a book(let). I didn't see the CD version, but I'm inclined to believe the book is a full size 12" X 12" version of the CD booklet.

I've said it before on numerous occasions, but I feel it bears repeating:

No matter how well packaged a "Special Edition" CD is, it will never beat a well packaged Vinyl Edition. Why? Well, size, for one thing. Yes, it does matter. I do buy new vinyl from time to time when I have the opportunity (which, sadly, isn't often), but I'm always awestruck when I do. The vinyl always has a certain weight the Digital version can't seem to possess. Some call it presence, others call it compression... I just feel it sounds more "in the room" than Digital CD. Clicks and pops? Not if the vinyl is well cared for. Static? A little, but who listens to music in a vacuum? There is always extra noise hanging about.

And the packaging! A CD will give you either a Jewel Case with a couple pieces of paper or a digipack and a plastic disc; usually on a spindle. Vinyl covers, or slipcases are much more aesthetically pleasing. The artwork isn't a chore to see (i.e. no squinting). Indeed, when I flipped the book on the vinyl version to the back page and I was faced with the original four members of The Who from the "Who Are You" Photo sessions looking much bigger than their 12" X 12" size, I was bowled over. Man, you can actually SEE them. See what they look like.

Maybe Best Buy can be encouraged by their "exclusive" vinyl excursion enough to put a small vinyl section in their stores. Nothing major, just exclusive, limited vinyl pressings of their best sellers. I mean, Hot Topic can do it, why can't they take a loss? They're so-called "Loss Leaders", right?

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