Monday, March 8, 2010

The TAMI Show on DVD: This time for real!!!!!

So, imagine my surprise last night when I came home from work, turned on the TV and the legendary Rock movie, "The TAMI Show" was on PBS in widescreen HD! I about lost control, let me tell you. I couldn't believe it. Now, the broadcast was cut heavily and had a few pledge break interruptions that featured interviews with Dean Torrence (who should have gone a little more in depth with his remembrances), but just the fact that it was on at all was just incredible.

As it turns out, almost 3 years after the original announcement that I reported on HERE, Shout! Factory is finally releasing the greatest Rock film of all time on DVD, March 23rd. The DVD will include a full director's commentary by Steve Binder, Radio Spots and a 20 page booklet. It will retail for $19.93 (a goddamn steal!) and, if you buy it direct from Shout! Factory, you'll get a poster reproduction of the original Theatrical one-sheet.

You can read the press release HERE. It's still like a dream, but it's actually going to happen!

Now, I don't know if a Bluray version is forthcoming, but the PBS HD footage was absolutely fantastic to see. It's playing around the country right now, so check your local listings. It's well worth it, even if it is only half of the actual movie.

Oh yeah, PBS is touting it as a first time ever broadcast premiere, but we all know that it was played on Night Flight in 1981. Hyperbole, be damned!