Monday, April 7, 2008


Not much to post today, but I thought I'd post the video for the B-52's new single, "Funplex", the title track from their new disc. Look for the extra in the video with the bones on his sleeves. That's one of my all time best buddies, Don. I'm very proud of him, 'cause he's always been on of the B-52's biggest fans. Good on ya, Don!


pup don said...

All this time I never knew you posted this. I was doing a search for B-52's stuff and I see "look for the extra the video with the bones on his sleeves" and I thought, "wait a minute, that's ME!" LOL! Love ya, buddy. :)

Lord Shockedelic said...

Of course I did. That was awesome. Luv ya right back!