Monday, March 21, 2011

The Shockedelic Radio Show Episode 7:01 "Nippon kyuukyuu demo ashita wa wonderful"

Surprise, surprise. It's now Spring and we are celebrating with yet another episode of The Shockedelic Radio Show! That's right! Another 80 minutes of the best in International Pop Music. This is Episode 1, Season 7; "Nippon kyuukyuu demo ashita wa wonderful". That translates to "Japan is in crisis, but tomorrow's wonderful" (A lyric from the song YATTA! by Happa-Tai). Let's hope.

Listen to it streaming above or download it below:

SRS EP7:01

Legal stuff:

It's a very litigious society, so please understand that this MP3 Podcast is presented as a radio show promoting new and lesser well known artists. All of the music here is copyrighted and the copyright proprietors retain ownership of the material presented here. No rights are given to the downloader or listener or are implied as such. In short, listen to the show and enjoy it, but don't go dissecting the program. If you hear something you like, track it down and purchase it. Supporting the artist is crucial. Make sure you do your duty.