Monday, March 10, 2008

Tom Hanks = Godhead

Tom Hanks and Dave Clark at the 2008
RnRHOF Induction Ceremonies

Are you watching the Rock -n- Rock Hall Of Fame Ceremonies right now? Tom Hanks is inducting The Dave Clark 5 right now. Tom Hanks understands. Tom Hanks knows. He is the Pope of Shockedelica. Hallelujah!

More to follow.

P.S. The Ventures ripped it up, too. Now, explain to me HOW in God's green Earth Madonna got in? Even Iggy Pop couldn't convince me. SHE IS NOT, and NEVER WILL BE ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!!


Dave said...
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Dave said...

DC5 and The Ventures were awesome bands. I think Madonna paid someone I turned it while she was on. She blathered on about herself forever. Who gives a crap anyway? And yes, Tom Hanks gets it.