Monday, March 10, 2008

The Teenage Prayers Invade Pittsburgh!

Last Thursday night at Pittsburgh's Club Cafe, The Teenage Prayers from NYC kicked off their latest tour. This was the 3rd time I had been invited by the band to come and see them on a Pittsburgh stop and I had to decline the past two times, so it was imperative on my part to make every attempt to see them.

It was a late show (10:30pm), so it didn't interfere with my work schedule. I got there about 20 minutes after 10 and the place was about 3/1 capacity; not bad for a Thursday after hours gig. I bought a Ginger Ale and had a seat about 15 feet from the stage. The first act was a lovely little wisp of a girl with a ukulele who called herself "Pizza Pierogi". She plucked the uke and whistled like a marvellous reincarnation of Tiny Tim through time tested standards such as "Paper Moon" and "Tiptoe Through The Tulips". She also ran through some modern standards like The Beach Boys' "God Only Knows" and Michael Jackson's "Beat It" and made them sound golden. "God Only Knows" was especially affecting. The only thing that I found to be rather sad was her self deprecating insistence that these songs were "cheesy". I'm sure she repeated this to deflect any undue criticism to her performance. It was unnecessary, however, since her set was sterling. I'd see her again. I regret, I didn't see the other band, The Harlan Twins. Maybe next time, guys.

"The Teenage Prayers" then took the stage and basically blew the doors off the place. It was a Rock ~n~ Soul baptism. On the tiny, cramped Club Cafe stage, the 5 piece band (normally 6?)made every second of their 30 minute set count. They sang some selections from their first album, "Ten Songs" but the bulk was from their brand new, forthcoming silver disc, "Everyone Thinks You're The Best" (it comes out in a week, Preorder HERE). I wanted to request the song, "Annihilation" from their first album, but my mind slipped again and all I could think of was "Isolation". That, however, was a John Lennon tune. My damned middle aged brain.

After the show, I introduced myself to the band, somewhat in vain. I was talking to the lead singer, Tim Adams, online for a little while, but do you think I could for a moment remember his mane? No! I went haphazardly through each member saying, "Hi! I'm Terry... from the Internet? Did I speak to you? I'm friends with Mike Viola..?" Of course, no one knew who the hell I was, but I was persistent and finally (lastly) spoke to Tim. After that was ironed out, I had a lovely time with, Tim, his brother Terry (No! Not Another Terry!) and Remy Weber. I have to say the entire band was absolutely accommodating to me and I thank them for that. I had a great time talking to them. Bought both CDs, too!

I had a blast, though. I'll definitely see them again, time and date permitting.

Here's their website. You can Listen to their tracks, see their tour dates there and buy their CDs, too! LISTEN! SEE! BUY!

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