Thursday, June 28, 2007

Viva Forever (Part 2)

WOW. They just look great, don't they? I'm not being facetious, either. There're too many smarmy blogs for that purpose. They truly look great and it's wonderful to see them all standing next to each other, smiling. It gave me a throat lump and a heavy sigh. Click on the picture above for a larger version.

Why do I love the Spice Girls after all those years? Well, I was 27 when they released "Spice" and I wasn't all that impressed, frankly, with their first single, "Wannabe". I thought it was crap, but the video made my jaw drop in disbelief.

It wasn't until the second video, the one for "Say You'll Be There", that I stood to attention (so to speak) and took notice. Hot girls. Check. With cool pseudonyms. Check. In the desert. Check. With super functional weapons. Check. And a tricked out car. Check.

Jesus. When you can basically give me 5 Emma Peels in a "Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" setting, well, you've got my undivided attention. The song was great, too. That particular video gave me licence to actually check out the "Spice" album (which I subsequentially bought on VINYL!!!) and I found the album to be very solid. Their first album is as great a dance music / Disco album as anything released in the past 20 preceding it. That would be 1976, by the way, and would include the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack. Yes,"Spice" is that good and if their image wouldn't have been so grandiose, their music might have garnered more respect. On the other hand, had their image not been so much larger than life, their cultural footprint would have been much smaller; almost negligible, in my opinion.

So, now they're back and I hope people still care. They deserve it. Don't believe me? Go back and listen to "Spice" (and to a much lesser degree, "Spice World"). It holds up. It does.

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