Sunday, June 24, 2007

This post has no focus...

I guess They're NOT Coming from all over the world!

Well, the 19th of this month came and went and there was no release of "The T.A.M.I. Show". Bastards. I was all excited, too. Remember when I said I just couldn't believe it was being released? Well, there you go. There was a reason I couldn't believe it. At least one online retailer lists the release as the 17th of next month, but virtually all other websites just have it listed as not available. Solid bummer. Oh, well, there's still my bootlegs and my 8mm print. Damn, though, I wanted to hear that commentary by Steve Binder.

Time is now converging on my 38th 28th birthday as I write this and I suppose it's some milestone. A gateway into middle age. Halftime is about over, they say. Bull**it, I say. Still, some things are nice while I'm not being reminded of my impending mortality.

The nicest thing is something I'm listening to right now. In the last moments before my birthday, I'm listening to the new Love Psychedelico album, "Golden Grapefruit". It's not coming out until the 27th, but I got an advance and it will do nicely until my import comes sailing across the Pacific. I'll hold back on a review for now, since it'll be a few thousand listens before I completely digest it, but I'll say I dig it. It's not quite their best, but it's never not a pleasure to hear Naoki's jangly guitar blending with Kumi's gorgeous vocals. Not a bad song on it so far.

Hey! there're a couple of noteworthy reunions in the works. The Spice Girls and The Brilliant Green are both regrouping for some new music and I couldn't be happier. Ok, you are undoubtedly saying, you love Tommy, so I can see why you're excited about The Brilliant Green reuniting, but the SPICE GIRLS??? Hell, yeah. I can't wait. I'm more excited about this than the Police reunion.

True, it'll be a bit of a wait before the Girls of Spice release any product, but The Brilliant Green already have a song in the pipe (reportedly entitled, "Stand By Me") and it'll be out sometime next month. Excited? You betcha. I'm breathless with anticipation to find if Tomoko can still coexist with her creations, February and Heavenly, if she decides to record another album with her band mates from BuriGuri.

I suppose I'll go to bed now to get an early start on my birthday / vacation, so please be safe out there. May all the good music be on your iPod.

T - out!

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