Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Bawdies!

Do you love Rock -n- Roll? I mean really love Rock -n- Roll? Most people say they do. Joan Jett said she did (and she was covering The Arrows). Thing is, I don't believe most of those people. Oh yeah, people yell "Rock and Rolllll!" as a battle cry and everyone wants to be a Rock Star (even down to Miley Cyrus), but put real Rock -n- Roll in front of them and they'll most likely balk. But why?

Well, seems to me that true Rock -n- Roll has been bastardized by many forms of Pop music over the years. I have nothing against Pop. I revel in it. Hell, my radio show's slogan is "The Best In International Pop", but Pop and Rock -n- Roll are different beasts, as are Rock, Classic Rock and Southern Rock. None of those things are Rock -n- Roll. In fact, it seems all forms of music from the 1960's on all envy good ol' Rock -n- Roll so much that they constantly try to make ties to it. The lines start to blur to the casual listener who doesn't know better. That's why confusion sets in when such people are confronted with real Rock -n- Roll.

An oft missed point is that Rock -n- Roll is not a pretty thing. It's dirty. It's sexual. It's very name is derived from slang for f**cking. It's also very much an attitude thing. It's rebellious by nature. All these things contribute to why Rock -n- Roll has been all but lost to Western culture. The late 1960's Summer of Love and 1970's Sexual revolution killed it for all future Americans (with small exceptions in the mid 70's and early 90's; both times quickly and decisively killed by corporations). There is no need for teens to rebel anymore. Electronic gadgets and mood controlling medications keep them docile these days... along with idiot parents who want to stay forever young and be their children's best friends. It's a rather disgusting time here in the west.

Thank god for those Japanese. They've always understood, right from the first time it hit them. Why is that? Easy. A repressive society always needs an outlet for rebellious youth to exercise their primal urges. This brings me to today's show and tell band, The Bawdies from Tokyo Japan.

They've been around for a few years now in the indie scene with three albums ("Awaking of Rhythm and Blues", "Yesterday and Today" and "This Is My Story") and an EP ("I Beg You"). They've now been signed to Victor Japan and a new single has been released, "It's Too Late"; produced by Love Psychedelico's Guitarist Naoki. Here's the video for the song:

The enigmatic thing about the new single is that it isn't actually a single. It's touted as one and the first of the two tracks is "It's Too Late", but the second track is an unbanded, full 40 minute live concert at the QUATTRO Club and it's the real reason you should absolutely own this disc. It's a load of their Indie material and covers of "Pretty Vacant" Which they Who up substantially and a brutal rave up on "What'd I Say?". Now it's pretty obvious that you should buy this and CDJapan has it for $16 US before shipping. The link to buy it is below:

The Bawdies - It's Too Late
The Bawdies - It's Too Late

Here are some more videos from their Indie days...

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