Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Shockedelic Radio Show, Episode 8:03: "Dit Dit Da Dit"

Yes, Yes! Here it is! It's time for another episode of THE SHOCKEDELIC RADIO SHOW!   Another 80 minutes of the best in International Pop  Music. This is Episode 3, Season 8; "Dit Dit Da Dit". This show went through so much between conception and realization. At the eleventh hour, the song list was radically changed and rearranged. As a result, there is 1/3 more songs in English than any other Shockedelic Radio Show! Good news for you music loving xenophobes out there in Internetz land. Also, during the recording of the show, I had my cell phone on me (something I NEVER do) and my phone decided it wanted to talk to everyone electronically. I didn't realize this during the show, because this is one of the only shows I've ever done without headphone monitoring. Don't ask me why I made such a decision. I was just being stupid. It was only during playback that I discovered the interference. After much hemming and hawing over whether I should re-record the entire show or not, I decided to leave well enough alone. It was a tough show to begin with, so a re-record would've taken what joy there was and thrown it out the window. So, during my DJ segments, if you hear a "Dit Dit Dit Da Dit" type noise, that's my phone saying "Hi!". It's also the reason I entitled the show "Dit Dit Da Dit". I had another title in mind, but as with everything else in this current show, it was changed at the last moment. I do hope you enjoy the show. I think it's a good one, in spite of all of the technical difficulties.

As always, listen to it streaming above or download it below:

SRS EP8:03

Legal stuff:

It's a very litigious society, so please understand that this MP3 Podcast is presented as a radio show promoting new and lesser well known artists. All of the music here is copyrighted and the copyright proprietors retain ownership of the material presented here. No rights are given to the downloader or listener or are implied as such. In short, listen to the show and enjoy it, but don't go dissecting the program. If you hear something you like, track it down and purchase it. Supporting the artist is crucial. Make sure you do your duty.

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