Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The New Kimura Kaela Concert DVD

Damn this recession! I've had the new Kimura Kaela Concert DVD, "Go! 5! Kaeland", ordered for over a month now and then I get this notice of a Premium box set version:

Yep, it's in Japanese, but a peruse over to reveals the Box Set includes the following:

  • Deluxe DVD box set release from Kaera Kimura featuring her Jury 11, 2009 "Go! 5! Kaeland" performance at Yokohama Red Brick Park. Set includes USB memory stick, memorial photo book, stickers, and mini-poster. Comes housed in an original can box.

...and it retails for $109.64 US (more than double the price of the DVD only version). Now, you know I want this. I'd kill for this. Sadly, I can't afford this. Oh, maybe someday into the future, but not now.

This doesn't mean YOU can't get it, though. Below, please find links to the Premium Box, the DVD version and the BLU-RAY version of the Go! 5! Kaeland Concert video.

GO!5!KAELAND / Kaera Kimura

Kaera Kimura

Video from the show to whet your appetite:

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