Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kimura Kaela! Hocus Pocus!

Kimura Kaela has a new album coming out on June 24th, 2009! The Album is entitled "Hocus Pocus" and will contain the latest singles "Mustache", "Banzai" and "Doko". Here's the tracklising for the CD + DVD edition (the only one you should own!!!)

01 Dear Jazzmaster '84
02 マスタッシュ(album ver.) (Mustache)
03 Phone
04 乙女echo (Otome echo)
05 Butterfly
06 どこ (Doko)
07 Hocus Pocus
08 Another World
09 season
10 キミニアイタイ (Kimi ni Aitai)
11 Jeepney
12 BANZAI(album ver.)
13 Super girl
01 マスタッシュ
02 memories(original version)
03 どこ
05 tvk”saku saku”MC Revival Week

The latest single, "Banzai" is now playing on the latest Shockedelic Radio Show playing HERE.

Here's the video for Banzai!

...the video for Mustache...

and here's the Video for DOKO...

UPDATE! Kaela has released one more video before the release of the new album.
Here it is - Butterfly:

You can purchase the new album by clicking on the link below:

PURCHASE Kimura Kaela's new album "Hocus Pocus" here!!!!!

(Trust me on this, it's much cheaper than buying an Import.


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