Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy 100th Post!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn! The big 100th post! Whadaya know?

I know, you're thinking.... Where the hell have you been? Ah, life is complicated. I have a lot to say, but I just can't seem to put finger to key these days.

There're lots of new Jpop albums I'm thrilled about. The Beat Crusaders have a new best of collection (with DVD!), as does Tommy Heavenly6/February6. Yeah, more on that one in a later post. I'll probably do that when I actually receive the overpriced sets. Yes. Sets. There's two of them... one for each alter ego. I'm also grooving to the new Hot Leg album, "Red Light Fever". Hot Leg is former "Darkness" lead singer Justin Hawkins' new band. Maybe this is the album The Darkness should have done after their debut instead of the album they did release. Maybe they'd still be together.

I've seen lots of really good movies, too, with the most endearing one being the Swedish horror fable, "Let The Right One In". I loathe Vampire movies as a rule, but this one is very special.

I've not been too excited about any of the Oscar picks for Best Picture this year. Nothing stands out. I liked "Slumdog Millionaire", but while it was very well made, it is by no means an Oscar worthy film. I'm surprised "Gran Torino" was snubbed, at the very least, in the best actor catagory since Clint Eastwood was brilliant in fairly complicated role. I suppose Heath Ledger will win for Best Supporting actor, but let's face it; he was okay at best. It would be better Robert Downey, Jr. gets it for "Tropic Thunder". Seems that's a bit of lip service for his best actor snub for Iron Man. Who knows, though?

I don't have much else to say at this time. Look for a new Shockedelic Radio Show in a couple of weeks. Until then, visit my Youtube page for a journey into my past.

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