Friday, October 3, 2008

Domo-Kun attacks America!

You may have gathered from these posts that I am a fan of certain aspects of Japanese Pop Culture. I'm not enthralled by all aspects of it, but I'm rabid about the one's I do covet. It always amuses me when I see something decidedly Japanese invading Western culture, but sometimes it can be extremely surreal.

Today was a perfect example. I never, never enter Target stores. I'm not against them, it's just they're a bit expensive and just a little more than oppressive. Red is not a color that makes me want to buy. Red is a color that alternately makes me want to punch or hump things.

Halloween is an exception, since I like to visit Target for their $1 section and unique Halloween items (example: the limited selection of monster themed half cans of Jones soda).

So, not knowing what I'm about to be in for, I stroll casually into my local Target store and, just inside the front door, I am faced with a 3 foot plush Domo-Kun hanging from the ceiling. Surrounding the plushie are a series of Domo-Kun Halloween themed ads. For the tiniest of a split second, I forgot where I was. "Did I mistakenly walk into an Asian store?", I asked myself. Nope, it's a Target.

A similar Domo-Kun to what I encountered today (taken from

I was so jazzed and disoriented, I quickly made my way to the rear of the store to see what amounted to an absolute shrine to the Japanese NHK TV mascot. Domo-Kun everywhere.

What's more puzzling is the way Domo-Kun is being marketed. The ad copy states he's from Japan and he's new, but that's about it. So, I bought a small Domo-Kun bag with 5 Domo-Kun candy necklaces and a small Domo-Kun Frankenstein's Monster plushie. I suppose I'll be back for more. Crap, I know I will.

To see more pictures concerning this Halloween Ad blitz, go to and Target's Halloween Website for more official Domo-Kun shenanigans. Better yet, go down to Target and see it for yourself. It's surreal and, as I'm loathe to admit, pretty wonderful to see.

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