Saturday, September 6, 2008

Along Came A Spider and a free shipping spoon!

I got the vinyl edition of Alice Cooper's new album, "Along Came A Spider" today. I got it from It was $24.95 and super saver free shipping is $25.00. I had to buy an 8 inch spoon for 95 cents to get the shipping. Yeah. An Alice Cooper Vinyl album and a spoon. Shades of the 70's.

Sans spoon.

So, I'd been listening to the album for a couple of weeks already on CD and MP3 and I think it's a very good concept album. Concept albums are an acquired taste, like movie musicals, so your milage may vary. Still, the aural history of a Serial killer told in song appeals to me. Can't wait for a tour.

Oh yeah, if you get this album as an album.... be careful... Things can happen to you...


pup don said...

One again you dip into the makeup. Don't forget, if you don't keep up the quality we've come to know and love in this blog there's a certain Divinesque photo that just might see the light of the blogosphere. Bwahahaha!!!

Lord Shockedelic said...

You... Wouldn't... DARE!!!!!!