Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kimura Kaela Krush!

Yeah. You all know my one sided love affair with J-pop songstress Kimura Kaela, dear readers. She has, over the last couple of years, scratched her way up to the top of my favorite artists. It's been a good year for being a fan of her's. Last April brought her latest album, "+1", a concert tour followed this summer along with a new single ("Mustache"), a photo book ("Kimura Kaela Collection") and a new DVD of (almost all of) her music video PVs.

Last night, I finally saw her Fuji Television special of her "+1" concert Tour that you'll find in it's entirety below in Youtube playlist format (super special thanks to Youtube user mist1125 for uploading it!). If you love Kaela like I do, you'll love this. If you're not familiar, give it a shot. She's pretty damn electric.

I also finally got the PV DVD in the mail today. It comes in similar packaging to her last 2 DVDs (see the cover below) and it includes 16 videos. For some reason, "Dive Into Shallow" from her Jasper DVD single isn't here, but the rest are in LPCM audio ('cause it's the best!) and high video bitrate. It looks great! It also includes a lenticular sticker of Kaela posing in two ways, depending on which angle you view. Nice package.

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