Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar? Not bad...

The Oscar ceremonies were broadcast last night and I watched them through a flu induced haze. Not the ideal way to experience one of my favorite shows of the year, but hey...

So, looking back at my predictions, with the exception of the female categories, I pretty much nailed it. Daniel Day Lewis won for Best Actor, Javier Bardem won for Best Supporting Actor and the Cohens swept the Best Director and Best Picture awards and deservedly so.

I didn't expect Tilda Swinton to eclipse Cate Blanchette and, as I wrote previous, I didn't have knowledge of Marion Cotillard (although, after seeing her channel Edith Piaf in the few clips that were shown, it made perfect sense. I can't wait to see "La Vie En Rose".) so I was kinds lost on those two.

The largest delight for me during the show was the performance of "Falling Slowly" by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova for the film "Once" and their subsequent triumphant win in the Best Original Song category. I was disappointed when Bill Conti cut off Marketa before she could give her acceptance speech (a total miscommunication between her and Conti), but was overjoyed when, after a commercial break, she was allowed to return to the stage and give her speech. It was a lovely moment.

The other great moment, for me, was Javier Bardem's acceptance speech, wherein he spoke the last few sentences in Spanish for his mother, whom he brought with him as his companion. He brought his mom. He's the greatest.

Of course, the show didn't go completely well for me. There was always the looming dark shadow of the beast that is "Juno". Thankfully, the academy was smart enough to realise there were much, much more deserving films out there. Unfortunately, the Academy did give best Original Screenplay to "Juno" and the writer/ex-stripper/current Hot Topic fashion victim/Suicide Girl wannabe "Diablo Cody" (the quotes are because it's not her real name). Seriously, did anyone read the script?

"Your Eggo is preggo."

"That ain't no Etch A Sketch. This is one doodle that can't be un-did, Homeskillet."

"Yes, hello? I need to procure a hasty abortion?"

"Honest To Blog"

Not exactly the kind of dialogue found in the worst Oscar nominated screenplays, let alone the best. Ah well, Methinks the Academy was being a bit to friendly this year and wanted to recognise everyone.

All in all, though, it was a fine telecast and it came in at under 4 hours and that's a plus.

I'm feeling better, by the way. Thanks for asking. My fever broke last night and I woke up in a stew of my own juices... Oops. I shouldn't write that. Not because it's gross, but because Diablo Cody might read this and use it in her next Oscar winning screenplay.

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