Monday, December 10, 2007

Walk Hard: The First Ten Minutes

So, IGN and Sony Pictures has released the first ten minutes of "WALK HARD: The Dewey Cox Story" for streaming viewing. It's streaming right now, actually, and you can see it here.

Now, I watched the first ten minutes today and it doesn't look good. It starts out, basically, as a condensed wink-wink, nudge-nudge version of the opening of "Walk The Line". There aren't really any jokes to tell here, except knowing dialogue and scenes for people who saw "Walk the Line". Now, I may be just a silly curmudgeon, but I found the opening scenes pretty tasteless, and not in a fun way. As the whole thing was unfolding, I couldn't help but to think that the filmmakers aren't parodying some overwrought, sentimental piece of Lifetime Channel movie making here. The filmmakers are making light of something that actually happened to Johnny Cash. There was no reverence. There was no good natured ribbing. There was just some sub-sub Mad Magazine parody that didn't have any respect for the material they were making fun of. Now, why should they have respect? Well, for starters, anyone going to the film is going because they undoubtedly enjoy these types of films and want to see something light done to them.

Anyway, after the unfunny prologue, things pick up just a lil bit. Dewey is 14 years old and is being played by John C. Reilly. That's worth a chuckle in itself. Cox (and, believe me, the Cox joke is going to get old LOOOOOONG before the credits roll) and his band is playing a talent show and causes a commotion with his new fangled Rock -n- Roll style of music. The Scene is a cross between the talent show in "That Thing You Do!" and Nick Rivers' concert in "Top Secret!". It works to a point, but, once again, the filmmakers don't seem to understand why the scene is funny. Jokes are missed out on for very obvious physical humor.

The clip ends with the town, torches and all, descending on the Cox household to get Dewey. Dewey and girlfriend (because he pointed to her onstage; she's played by Kristen Wiig.... that's another strike against the movie) leave to further musical adventures.

To be brutally honest, the ten minute clip seemed like 30 minutes. I was looking forward to this movie, but I don't have nearly the high hopes I did before watching this. Ah, well. It still has those songs....

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