Friday, November 30, 2007

Candy Butchers' "Lurch"

These two guys in the picture above... One is Mike Viola and the other is not. Mike is the furry one. The other one is me. We're posing after a show he did in Cleveland a couple of years ago. You remember Mike. He's the Candy Butchers. I wrote about him a few months ago (all the way to the bottom; the "That Thing You Do" portion). Well, my uber-talented buddy is extremely busy these days. In addition to family/holiday obligations, he's promoting the movie "Walk Hard", which he wrote and co-wrote a few songs for, this Tuesday, the "Walk Hard" Soundtrack is being released and he'll be in the Dewey Cox band that evening on the "Tonight Show With Jay Leno". In addition to all of that, he's (well, you know, the Candy Butchers) about to drop a new album entitled, "Lurch". Why "Lurch"? I'm not too sure, but one listen to "Girly Worm" might give you a nice clue.

You can get the new album here ( that is, It'll be out soon. 1,000 copies only! Get yours and be cool.

Please visit the above website since it contains a new, absolutely hysterical, video message from Mike.

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