Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kimura Kaela Day!!!!!!!

I want to wish Kimura Kaela 木村カエラ a most wonderful 23rd birthday today (October 24th; I know, it's a day early over here, but the time difference between here (Eastern USA) and there (Japan) makes it a longer than usual Birthday celebration). In honor of my favorite J-pop/rock girl's birthday, I'm dedicating my audio and video enjoyment to her music and videos for today. For you, dear reader, who might not know of the wonderment that is Kaela-Chan (please, please pronounce her name correctly: It's pronounced Kai-Rah, not Kay-Lah), here are some Youtube representations of her music videos.


Real Life, Real Heart

Tree Climbers

L. Drunk

Level 42

Magic Music




Ground Control


With the Sadistic MIKAela Band Sadistic Twist

...And her BRAND NEW Video - Yellow

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAELA! I'm going to watch her concert DVDs today, "Kaela Live 4U", "The Circle Tour" from M!-ON tv and her latest DVD, "Live Scratch".

For more info, Here are a couple of WIKIs on her:





Anonymous said...

Hey, where did you get your DVDs and do they play on your DVD player seeing as how they are not region 1?

The Shockadelic "T" said...

I get nearly all of my DVDs and CDs from CDJapan.co.jp and my DVD player is an OPPO DV-970HD. You can kill the region setting of nearly any DVD player if you have the right code for it. GOOGLE is your friend, in that instance.