Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Material cravings

Yeah, I'm not posting as much as I should and things are still forthcoming (soon as I can get up the guff to do it), but I'd now like to list some things that I want. Material things, mind you. I'm not discussing spirituality. I'm talking consumerism. I'm talking Commerce.

I want this:

Goddamn it. I want these. This goes against and beyond all fiber of my Punk roots. Ramones + commercialism? Bah! I remember wanting to throw my TV out the window the first time I saw the Budweiser "Hey! Ho! Let's Go!" commercial all those years ago. Still, Malcom McLaren "created" punk to sell his line of clothes at his SEX shop. Regardless. I WANT THESE SHOES! I was actually 10 years too late for the whole "Gabba Gabba Hey" thing; I was only 7 years old at the time, but I caught on as soon as I could. What really irks me is the kids who would wear these now have absolutely no reverence for their elders, the very people who MADE Punk happen. Oh wait. That's what it's all about, isn't it? It's $61.00 from Converse and I would wear them until they became legitimately ragged.

I also want this:
HONEY FLASH! (or is it HANNI FRASHU!) I can't justify spending $50.00 on this thing. It's a Metal lunchbox containing the movie on DVD and a keychain. I Already have the movie on DVD, I wouldn't use the keychain and I don't collect lunchboxes, but I still crave this! it's a metal lunchbox with Erika Sato's face on it. I love the Cutie Honey movie and I would display this prominently in my hovel of geekitude, but not for $50.00 (or the $39.00 that a few places have it listed as). The brick I shat in Best Buy when I saw it was massive. The fact that I walked out of Best Buy without it is one of my proudest moments. Normally I can't do that. It would've been mine.
Wanna buy these for me?

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