Friday, April 20, 2007

Here come the FUZZ!

Aiiiiight e'rebuddy! "Hot Fuzz" opens today nationwide across the USA. You're mission? GO SEE IT! This is one movie you will regret not seeing on the big screen with an audience. Check your newspaper for show times in your area.

So it seems Simon Pegg is quite the poster boy these days. That's a real good thing. I've seen him on TV and in magazines a lot lately. His appearance on Jimmy Kimmel with Nick Frost in tow was devastatingly funny. Those two are very quick on their toes. Also, the new issue of Interview has a nice photo spread of Simon where he's looking quite GQ. He, along with Nick Frost, really deserve it. They are both stars in the making and really nice guys. I met Simon a few years back and, while drunk, tired and bewildered, managed to be extremely gracious and polite. He signed my "Spaced" dvd set ("Oh! You bought things. Of course I'll sign!") and posed for a picture. It was a memorable meeting and I hope to bump into him again in the future (maybe I'll run into Nick, too!).

So, go see "Hot Fuzz". It's an awesome movie.

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